Teeth Whitening

If you’re someone who will regularly have soda or is prone to having a good few cups of coffee during the working day, then you might find yourself with issues when it comes to keeping teeth white.

The reason that our teeth can (and do) do yellow is mainly down to the way in which the stain is created. The most common are called extrinsic stains and they occur on the surface on the tooth. Mainly staining will occur here due to lifestyle habits over anything else.

On the inside of the tooth we can also get¬†intrinsic stains. It exists within the dentin right in the middle of the tooth and can be caused from a number of sources. For instance, some children may find their teeth turning a slight yellowish colour if they’ve been prescribed¬†tetracycline and doxycycline as an antibiotic. Many people receiving chemotherapy around the neck and jaw will also experience some form of discolouration.

Bleaching the area is a very common treatment which invokes a dental surgeon or nurse rubbing a solution over the teeth that will cause surface layer discolouration to dissolve.

This video shows what bleach teeth whitening looks like


Some clinics now use laser teeth whitening to lighten teeth instead. Unlike bleach, a laser can be used to target more precise stains and blotches on teeth. Because it doesn’t come in contact with gums, it has a much lower chance of creating any pain or causing gums to bleed.

This video shows what laser teeth whitening looks like