Invisible Braces

What do you call a brace that isn’t a brace?

Invisible braces are quickly growing in popularity amongst young adults how may have forgone the option to get braces when younger, but now want to get their smiles looking much better.

If you’re interested in what types of invisible brace are out there, some of the main brands to check out include:

  • Invisalign
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Inman Aligner

Advantages of getting invisible braces include:

  • More Comfort– There are no wires or bands that can rub the wrong way against the gums and jaw line
  • Highly Discrete – With the braces being virtually invisible most people will not even notice they’re on
  • More Convenient– Invisible braces can be removed remove and it easier to eat any foods and brush teeth normally.

Here is a video showing how invisible braces work: